GCC Healthcare Program provides a measurably cleaner healthcare environment, reducing the spread of illness causing pathogens, all for the same or less cost than traditional cleaning providers.

GCC Healthcare Program

For healthier surroundings, the GCC Healthcare Program uses environmental friendly cleaning products, high efficiency equipment and new technology for hospital environmental services, such as:

  • Triple filter vacuums with HEPA filters
  • Vapor machines to clean and sanitize
  • Microfiber cleaning tools
  • Chemical-free automatic scrubbing machines

Chemical use and storage is a key focus within our healthcare cleaning, and we provide it by:

  • Using Green Seal certified or CARB VOC compliant chemicals
  • Diluting concentrated chemicals onsite whenever possible
  • Consolidating the storage and dilution activities to as few areas of the facility as possible
  • Storing chemicals in a single locked room or area with direct-to-outside exhaust ventilation
  • Ensuring that only properly trained employees have access to the above areas

Our national and diverse company footprint allows us to offer you a wide range of healthcare facility services, including:

  • Environmental services
  • General maintenance
  • Parking management
  • Engineering and integrated facility services
  • Security personnel
  • Green cleaning and energy reduction programs
  • Energy service and audits

Infection Control

Through extensive research and alliance relationships with industry leaders such as Kaivac Cleaning System & Swisher Hygiene we have developed the industry's most comprehensive Infection Control Surface disinfection and Cleaning System available to all facilities from practitioner’s offices to acute care centers. The process of aseptic cleaning is the foundation of our EVS for Healthcare System with enhanced effectiveness due to the use of the most advanced cleaning implements and chemistry technology available today.